Super Al – Team Leader Extraordinaire!!

A huge congratulations to Alex Whitaker, our Team Leader in Bedford, for completing The Great North Run on Sunday 11th September 2016. This is a superb achievement as he completed the half marathon in an incredible time of 2:22:13.


Alex was running for Crohn’s Disease and this achievement is even more extraordinary by the fact that Alex was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in Spring 2014. Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disorder which predominately affects the gastro-intestinal tract.


Alex was working for Educationline at the time and he was clearly physically effected by the disease. He spent a lot of time in and out of hospital and visiting various specialists before he was diagnosed. He then spent more time trialling various doses of medication in order to get the Crohn’s Disease under control.


During this time Alex found eating very uncomfortable and the thought of him running across the car park, let alone a half marathon, seemed unrealistic. Alex’s determination, combined with the expertise of his specialist, has meant that he got his Crohn’s under control and was confident enough to enter The Great North Run.


The fact he posted such an amazing time is a credit to him and the whole team are very proud of him.


Speaking personally, I saw how ill he was back in 2014 so I was taken by surprise when he told me he was entering the half marathon. However, I was especially proud of his achievements when he completed the race and then told me of this time.


A huge congratulations again to Alex. Well done indeed

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