Dads’ Day Out Bike Ride 2016

Our Director, James Mitchell-Smith, tells us about Educationline’s support for a fundraising event in Lewknor, Oxfordshire where his son goes to school. 


“In an awe-inspiring display of lycra, Educationline Ltd sponsored the Dads’ Day Out Bike Ride for the third year running this July. This is an event we’re extremely proud of as it raises essential funds for Krakatoa Pre School and Lewknor Primary School in Oxfordshire.


The event is a ride for all ability riders but is only open to the Dads of pupils at either school. This was then extended to anyone male linked to the schools or local community. It was an opportunity for the Dads to raise some money and also share a couple of cold beers with each other!! Although the main aim of the event is fundraising, we also wanted to make sure there was a real community feel to the ride and ensure that riders of all abilities could take part.


At Educationline Ltd, we realise there are more and more Dads at the school gates now for drop off and pick up. Therefore, Educationline Ltd thought it would be a great idea to combine a fundraising event with an occasion that could encourage the Dads to socialise too. What better way to do that than with a bike ride which stops at a few local pubs along the way!!


Educationline Ltd paid for the branded T shirts for each rider and also sponsored the Beat The Clock event we ran in the morning. For the more serious riders, we set a time of 90 minutes to complete the 26.2 mile route. I tried but failed miserably!! Three riders did complete the challenge and I take my hat off to them. Once my entire body had stopped shaking, I was more than happy to write out the cheque for £150.00. Overall the event raised £6,750 which is a fantastic achievement for such a small community event.


The ride also caught the attention off BBC Radio Oxford and a local TV channel: As you can see from the link, my son enjoyed his 15 minutes (closer to 7 ½) minutes of fame!!


Anyway, now I have finally recovered from the exertions (both from the ride and the pub stops!!) I think I should get back on my bike to get in shape for next year. Once we have a date set, we will put the details on our Facebook page so feel free to join us.”

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